2-2-1 alumel wire NMtsAK thermoelectrodes used as a negative in the manufacture of thermocouples and, in pyrometry to produce compensation wires. Tape alumel actively used in scientific and technical sphere, in the automobile and aircraft industry. Most often it is used in the development of sensors alumel-chromel. With alumel reduce the size of the sensor, which promotes high-precision measurements. Alumel wire diameter ranges from 0.2 mm to 5.0 mm. Tape alumel NMtsAK 2-2-1 is: nickel - 93-96%, aluminum - 1,8-2,5%, manganese - from 1.8-2.2%. Thanks nickel alumel wire has extraordinary plasticity, high heat resistance (alumel melts at 1430 C) and corrosion resistance to the action of aggressive environment. One of the major drawbacks is the high cost, due to high costs of production. Tape alumel prone to the ravages of sulfur at high temperatures, which manifests itself in the form of corrosion and embrittlement. To avoid this, added to the alloy slightly larger amount of silicon, thus reducing the amount of aluminum.

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