Aluminium 1561 is produced in pigs, which may be different configurations, it is for aluminum transportation convenience. This form is most convenient for processing into semi-finished products and production of marketable products. It belongs to Aluminum 1561 magnaly, i.e. It consists of 92% aluminum and 6 fundamentals% magnesium. Another designation of the same alloy - AMg61. Also, almost identical to the brand name it is SvAMg61 according to GOST 7871-75 and is very close - AMg6 according to GOST 4784-97. 1561 aluminum demanded in shipbuilding, industrial production. This is due to weldability, high corrosion immunity, ease, strength. This differs from analogues magnaly reduced elasticity, increased strength, greater cost. The alloy is thermally durable, as a result of easily forged, stamped, welded. Effective 1561 aluminum as the material for the speed of modern ships. Available in iron, a form corresponding to GOST 1583-93. From pigs then have produced specific products and parts. Commodity pigs usually weigh less than 20 kg, but can be made and large (more than 200 kg ingots). The macrostructure should be rid of waste and defects. The marking is done stamp or paint.

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