Aluminium metal is soft enough - easily deformed and bent. The industry uses aluminum alloys that can increase the hardness of this metal is ten times. Thermally hardenable 6061 is aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, corresponds to GOST 4784-97 with the designation grade AD33 1330 and ISO 209-1 with the designation of the brand AlMg1SiCu 6061. The chemical composition of 6061:
Al (aluminum) - 95.8-98.6%.
Mg (magnesium) - 0.8-1.2%. The main element of the extension. It increases strength without reducing the ductility. Increases corrosion resistance and weldability.
Si (silicon) - 0.4-0.8%. It is used as an alloying element. Reduces cracking provides termosealing alloy.
Cu (copper) - 0.15-0.4%. Is used as an alloying element in conjunction with magnesium, zinc and silicon, increases the strength.
Fe (iron) - 0.7%. It provides significant resistance cast structure.
Cr (chromium) - 0.04-0.35%. Neutralize the possible negative impact of iron increases the strength of the alloy and welded joints.
Ti (titanium) - 0.15%. Pulverizes molten metal grains, reduces the tendency to cracking.
Zn (zinc) - 0.25%. It is used as an alloying element in conjunction with magnesium copper and improves durability.
Mn (manganese) - 0.15%. It is used as an alloying element - cold-grinding structure promotes, increases the recrystallization temperature, strength and heat resistance. Other components - 0.15%. As a kind of semi-finished product for the manufacture of sheets, pipes, wires, and other aluminum rolled products, aluminum ingots cast in 6061 for subsequent remelting ingots is a different mass and shape. aluminum ingots to 6061 requirements for compliance with the technical specifications indicated by GOST 1131-76 "wrought aluminum alloys in ingots." Standard defines brand, size, chemical composition, type and purpose of processing alloys, weight, size and shape of ingots. Each ingot undergoes strict quality control. According to the specifications on the surface of pig must not be present sagging, bays, slag and other foreign elements (including a break). Ingots of aluminum 6061 large size should not have cracks deeper than 10 mm, however, there may be traces of cutting and stripping defects. Each particular batch of products should include pigs of the same brand and size. The accompanying document must contain: name of the manufacturer and the product;
batch number;
number of heats;
chemical composition of each heat;
alloy brand;
the mass of the party;
Standard notation.
Each pig of 6061 is marked, which contains:
trademark or manufacturer's name;
heat number;
alloy brand;
The use of aluminum alloy 6061. This tech is different sufficient strength, the ability to termosealing and plasticity, easily welded and processed, has a considerable resistance to the emergence of corrosion. Alloy is ideal for the manufacture of parts operating under high humidity and even in sea water, in a temperature range of -70 C - + 50 C. 6061 provides an opportunity to increase strength while reducing weight by using triple butted technology, creating a variable thickness and oval design of the walls. The above characteristics allow the use of 6061 in the automotive industry, aviation, shipbuilding, railways, construction, electrical engineering, aerospace, oil and chemical industries.

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