Aluminum grade A7 refers to primary aluminum of commercial purity and comes in the form of ingots. To this brand requirement set GOST 11069-2001. According to them, the proportion of aluminum in the chemical composition of this mark must not be less than 99.70%, respectively, and the proportion of impurities must not exceed a total of 0.30%. If this metal is used for the production of food dishes, the arsenic content should not exceed 0.015% by weight therein. Aluminium A7 corresponds brand EN AW-1070A European standard EN 573-3-94 and marks 1070, 1070A American Aluminium Association. aluminum Marking A7 is as follows - in the pig indelibly applied to a pair of vertical yellow stripes. In addition to the marking shall be indelible, it is presented is another requirement - it should not be a source of contamination. Primary aluminum is produced by electrolysis. Original raw material for its production is bauxite and nepheline ore. The contract for the supply of primary aluminum are installed:
list of impurities and the share of each of them;
method of calculation of the brand;
the contents of the document on the quality;
shape, size and weight of the pigs. The document on the quality, attached to each batch of aluminum ingots A7, indicate:
Supplier name;
number of heats;
number and weight of the party;
Chemical analysis results for each melt.
Information on the first three points can be applied paint or stamp on every pigs. For transportation of pigs used in accordance with GOST 21399-75 special packages.

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