A995 aluminum applicable in the production of deformable semifinished products. Flat bars, rods, ingots and powders etc. Further semifinished go into sheets, tapes, wires, and other products. Product A995 aluminum ingots is (GOST 11070-74) bars any possible configuration, shape, weight. Dimensions pigs are not standardized, the product can be produced even bulky. These parameters are negotiated between the clients, but the mass of products is almost always 5-1000 kg. Aluminium A995 in such a form suitable for transport and subsequent melting. high-purity aluminum has a lower density, extremely high purity, greater thermal conductivity, ductility, conductivity and resistance to corrosion. GOST 11069-2001 it is released following chemical composition: aluminum (over 99,995%), gallium (less than 0.003%), silica and iron (less than 0.0015% each), and other impurities (less than 0.001% each). Also Standard specifies requirements for quality control and other standards. The produced aluminum A995 is marked by four vertical stripes, drawn indelible green ink. By agreement of clients allowed marking and other method.Chushki should not be on the surface of the slag, foreign inclusions and other impurities. Also not allowed is not clogged cracks. Other requirements as discussed with the manufacturer. Guests who meets A995 aluminum ingots, dictates the structure, acceptance of rules, some of the conditions of transport, storage, packaging, environmental requirements.

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