Aluminium AB87 applies to secondary aluminum. It is produced obviously, aluminum raw material (waste, shavings, scrap, defective products) in the form of chunks, and pellets.
This brand often applies for deoxidizing steel. This is due to the high cost and technological complexity of the production of primary aluminum. However, aluminum AB87 largely not lost primary. Technical aluminum can be melted down repeatedly without loss of properties. It is permissible to use as a non-critical purpose alloy. Also in demand in the production of brand Ferroniobium, ferrochrome, ferroboron, silikotsirkoniya, ligatures, aluminothermy. Commodity aluminum AB87 meets the requirements of GOST 295-98. It consists of aluminum (over 84%), magnesium (less than 3%), silica (less than 5%), tin (less than 0.2%), zinc (less than 3.3%), lead (less than 0.3%) copper (less than 3.8%). The combined share of less than 13% of impurities. Mark AV87f characterized by low tin content. Available in aluminum AB87 in small or full-sized pig. Reserve their mass, respectively, is 4 and 20 kg. Valid for harmonization and pigs over 200 kg. On the surface of the foreign matter is unacceptable, but allowed shrinkage shells. Other Technical requirements can be agreed and established in addition. Label ingots vertical stripes of red and green colors. Available pigs in containers (small-sized), unpacked (large), in packages (standard).

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