Aluminium AK12 refers to silumin, i.e. silicon and aluminum alloys. This alloy prevalence close dural but more resistant to corrosion under high humidity, in sea water, a weakly acidic and in alkaline environments. According to durability and strength, however, win Duran. Weldability, density, conductivity types of the two alloys are virtually identical. Characterized aluminum AK12 good casting characteristics - high fluidity, low linear shrinkage, low tendency to crack, low melting point (560 C). Widely demanded aluminum AK12 in aviation, mechanical engineering, automotive, sculptural technique for household and sanitary purposes. It is applicable in the manufacture of molded parts in appliances, thin-walled castings, housings, hubs, pistons, wheels, auto cylinders units, heat exchangers, grinders, casings and pumps more. Product Aluminium AK12 GOST 1583-93. It consists of a silicon (10-13%), aluminum (base) of impurities (less than 2.1%). The latter include iron, copper, zinc, manganese, nickel, zirconium, lead, calcium, titanium. Depending on the proportion of impurities, the alloy passes the appropriate heat treatment. This silumin ingots produced six brands: AK12zh, AK12och, AK12pch, AK12ch, AK12P, AL2 (or AK12). They differ only impurity ratio. Also AK12 produce aluminum castings. Pigs must weigh less than 20 kg (in consultation available mass products of more than 200 kg), to be rid of toxins and other impurities, cracks and other defects. Marked ingots indelible ink or branded. Ingots small mass is formed into packets (the total mass of less than 1500 kg) for heavy castings is required.

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