Aluminium AK5M2 (formerly AL3V) - cast alloy, claimed in the creation of shaped castings, and for other purposes. The popularity of this brand is caused by the low cost of the alloy, the possibility of multiple processing, the relative plasticity, strength. Aluminum AK5M2 made of copper, aluminum and silicon. The alloy complies with GOST 1583-93. Aluminum is chemically (more than 85%) with a substantial fraction of copper (1.5-3.5%) and silicon (4.6%). It alloying components determine its ductility, strength, corrosion immunity, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, weldability, lightness. Used aluminum AK5M2 increasingly irresponsible as the alloy. Apply sculpture, engineering, serves to create a cast aluminum cookware (here there are strict rules for zinc, lead, arsenic, beryllium). Rafting is popular and abroad (exports). It is used for the introduction of responsible alloys for cost reduction. Characterized by high aluminum AK5M2 castability - low-melting, good fluidity, low linear shrinkage. Manufactured from the alloy product the product must be free of defects and slag. Comes AK5M2 aluminum ingots with different dimensions. Product form - pig less than 20 kg or bulky ingot more than 200 kg.

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