Aluminum alloy AlMg refers to the alloys Al-Mg system or magnaly. The alloy of properties similar to pure aluminum and has a high strength, high resistance to corrosion in alkaline and acid medium, plastic and all kinds of well amenable welding. The chemical composition of the alloy of magnesium in addition to aluminum, the mass fraction which can range from 0.5 to 6.3%. Alloying of magnesium imparts additional hardness and strength. Aluminium AlMg easy to various types of hot or cold deformation. This quality allows the use of rolling, forging, pressing, drawing, sheet metal stampings in the production of an alloy of various types of semi-finished or finished products. Is used to harden the alloy cold deformation, which is an increase in hardness and strength, but reduces the plastic properties. To restore the plastic properties of recrystallization annealing is carried out. When labeling after the lettering alloy composition follows a figure which indicates the magnesium content in percent, for example, AMg2 contains about 2% magnesium. Depending on the thermal effect of the alloy can be rolled without heat treatment, annealed (M), cold-worked (H). Widely used AMg aluminum in construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, oil industry, aircraft construction. It is used to create medium loaded building structures, elements of pipelines, production of various parts, such as rivets, containers for liquids, automotive radiator and fuel tanks, masts and hulls of vessels, elevators, cranes nodes.

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