Aluminum corner - it's metal profile with a solid T-shaped cross-section. Differ aluminum corners flexibility, ductility, strength, corrosion immunity, ease. Aluminium profile corner you can use in the installation of windows and office partitions, furniture, decorating rooms, building construction, tiling, domestic repair. Profile aluminum angle is made from a number of wrought alloys (D16, AD31, D31, AMg) of the sheets by cutting and subsequent bending. The material meets the requirements of GOST 4784-97. Angles characterized by a wall thickness ratio of the width of the shelves (the sides), more often equal angles. Aluminium angle profiles are perforated, profiled, decorative and so on. Equilateral aluminum angle corresponds to GOST 13737-90, GOST unequal made 22233-2001, GOST 8617-81. The length of the corners is 2 - 6 m, flange thickness - up to 14 mm, its width - 10 - 200 mm. The name often indicates only the width of the shelves and two (optional) thickness, for example, aluminum corner 30x30.
Small may have a decorative and protective coating (anodizing, paint). Aluminum corner anodized product is passivated influence of electrolytes, and the aluminum corner painted - powder coated or polymeric colorants.

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