Aluminium granules are dustless, which leads to their explosion and fire. Aluminum pellets are produced from pure aluminum or scrap. The most common sources of raw materials are aluminum cans, shavings, foils, defective products that have become unusable metal profiles et al. Externally granular aluminum is silvery-white. The shape and size distribution of the granules may vary significantly. This usually spherical and cylindrical particles of less than 2 mm. Surface coated granules passivated oxide film. Widely applicable aluminum pellets in chemistry, metallurgy, energy, construction, aviation, industry, instrument, pyrotechnics. The pellets are used for deoxidation of steel, creating propellants, laboratory preparations. Available in aluminum pellets in a number of specifications. Chemistry granules also regulated. Granules comprise pure aluminum up to 1% of impurities, and the production of secondary aluminum may contain up to 15%. Pre-packing made of PET or metal drums. Also the granules may be packed in a multilayer packaging paper 25 kg. Each batch of the pellets should be accompanied by a certificate of quality and labeling.

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