Aluminum grits AKV cheaper granules showing generally similar performance. Hence the high demand for grits domestic industry. The most important purpose of the product is a deoxidation iron aluminothermy, creating ferroalloys, mining and processing operation. Made of aluminum grit AKV relevant GOST 295-98 secondary alloys with aluminum content of more than 87% and impurities (Pb, Cu, Si, Zn) at least 13%. This secondary aluminum made from aluminum waste primary: scrap, turnings, defective parts. The use of recycled aluminum in order to deoxidize rationally not only economically. When different temperatures of steelmaking, isobaric-isothermal oxidation potential specific impurities and aluminum is aligned, resulting in an affinity to oxygen becomes also equal. This leads to a complex deoxidation, in which case a complex system such as spinel MgAl2O4. The reaction thus proceeds deeper, fuller, faster. Characterized aluminum grits AKV absence of impurities, gray, low carbon percentage. grit particles are spherical, their size less than 12 mm. Aluminium grits AKV corresponds to the set standards. Aluminum grits AKV packed in bags. Net weight and size distribution of grits - as agreed.

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