Increasingly popular in today's world have gained interior partitions. Aluminum profile and allows you to build a solid frame construction, and is also used for fixing panels in the process of lining the walls. Aluminum has a high strength profile for different partition types. The material can withstand high humidity level, not crack and is not deformed. Due to its versatility, the profile can be disassembled many times (to fix with the help of screws and screwdriver), without using any binding construction materials and mixtures. The big plus is the fact that aluminum profiles do not require painting works. There are two forms of the profile for the partition:
U-profile (simple system, consisting of two U-shaped channel, the smaller profile of which is attached to the floor, and more attached to the ceiling);
clamping profile (versatile system that is presented as a foundation to which a material clip).
There are profiles for partitions:
1) Aluminum profile for partitions (single or double filling of 4 to 16 mm).
2) Profile for mobile partitions (with single or double filling from 4 to 8 mm).
3) Profile for Sanitary partitions (with the filling of 4 to 8 mm). Profile is represented in white RAL9018, RAL9006 light gray shades and anodized "Silver." An individual color order, for example, for different types of wood or powder coating. Profile for partition walls have a thickness of 1.2 to 1.5 mm and may reach 2500 to 4600 mm, depending on the type and the destination profile.

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