Aluminium profiles are popular, they are functional, aesthetic, practical. Aluminium profiled meets Russian standards GOST 22233-2001, and has its own standards for imported products. Manufactures compression, the further heat treatment. It is used most often aluminum profiles for construction, decoration, repair. Creates windows, entrances, elements of the facade. Aluminum is often applied in frames and frames. Use straight and bent aluminum profile. Also, the profiles used in production equipment, electrical engineering, food industry, automotive industry, for example, the profile of the aluminum car is used to create boards, cladding, etc. It is characterized by the profile of a number of advantages. Workability, durability, durability, maintainability, ease, ecology, heat resistance, corrosion inertness. They are made of aluminum profile from a variety of alloys. It duralumin, silumin, air and so on. Almost all of them comply with GOST 4784-97. For profiles can be virtually any configuration. It corners, bars, brand, plates, channels, boxes, moldings, blinds, sills, prism box. The cross section is rectangular, triangular, square, hexagonal etc. Produced length profiles 2 - 6 m, and a wall thickness of flanges 1.0 - 3.2 mm, the diameter of a circle less than 220 mm. Other sizes are allowed on request.

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