Pipe profile rectangular section of aluminum - an aluminum rectangular tube, also known as an aluminum box. It is well suited for the construction of structures with large spans, ventilation ducts, drainage. Without losing strength and other useful properties of aluminum rectangular pipe bends well. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, the aluminum pipe is not rectangular nor is harmful to the environment or to humans, is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Great wieldable and corrosion resistant, easy to transport. Available in aluminum rectangular pipe stretches from 1 meter to 6 tubes, sections 140 to 150 millimeters, issued no more than 4 meters in length. It comes aluminum rectangular pipe segments unmeasured, dimensional and multiple lengths, depending on the section. Rectangular tubes of aluminum AD1, AD0, A5 and aluminum alloys AMg0,7, AMg1 1955, AD31, sections up to 16 mm inclusive, with a wall thickness of 1 millimeter thinner segments produce random length. The largest deviation in size or multiple pieces of measured length should not be more than 1.5 centimeters. Pipes multiple lengths are available based on the 5-millimeter allowance for subsequent cutting. The pipe must be a straight line, a tolerance in a 1-meter length.

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