Aluminium rod AMg - the best-selling product, used in the manufacture of industrial equipment, railway cars, vehicles, aircraft, chemical vessels, various semi-finished products. The produced aluminum rod AMg compliance with EU standards 21488-97. Produced rods AMg2 alloys AMg3, AMg5, AMg6. Products from AMg2 produced without heat treatment, the other rods are made often annealed. For a variety of specifications is permissible to use other magnesium-aluminum alloys. AMg1, AMg4 and other material meets the standards GOST 4784-97. Digital index in the alloy name indicates the percentage share of magnesium. The main components - aluminum dopant - magnesium impurities - chromium, beryllium, zinc, iron, titanium, copper, manganese, silicon. Aluminium rod AMg durable, corrosion resistant, lightweight, thermal and electrically conductive. The bars are welded well, deformed, handled and processed. They are divided on the alloy brand, its state of manufacturing accuracy, size, cross-section, of strength. The most common cross-section of the round product, less rod is hexagonal and square. The diameter of the round rods is 8 - 400 mm. For profile bars indicates the diameter of the inscribed circle is 8 - 200 mm. Aluminium rod AMg usually has a length of 6 m, inclusive. The macrostructure of products can be characterized by minor foreign inclusions and external defects. No microstructure prescribed burnout if heat treated bars. It comes aluminum rod AMg of bays or beams.

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