Aluminium sheets manufactured from flat slab ingot or rolled wrought technique. Aluminum Sheets Rollers get hot (so-called hot) and cold Rollers (so-called cold-rolled). Aluminum sheet size available: width 1000-2000 mm, length up to 7000 mm, thickness of 0.5-10 mm. The same aluminum sheet can be produced with dimensions for your terms of reference. In the structure of aluminum sheets, except aluminum alloy constituents are copper (7%), magnesium (up to 2.8%), silicon (up to 2.2%), manganese (1.2%) zinc (up to 6, 5%) and impurities of iron, nickel, chromium, titanium. Aluminum sheet is divided into a general-purpose, special. It is made of alloys of grades VD1 or A5, according to GOST 21631, the same brand used AD1. Aluminum sheet has a matte, flat surface and a different dimension of the issue. Due to the properties of aluminum (light weight, corrosion resistance, etc.) Sheet aluminum is used to make a variety of products manufactured by various methods (drawing, stamping, bending, etc.). For each method, respectively, aluminum sheet suitable grade is selected. For example, an aluminum sheet bending advised to choose from a range semicold-worked marks (A0, A5, A6, A7, AMts, AMtsS, AMg3, D16), since bending cold-worked aluminum sheet can go cracks or collapses to the fold.
In the construction used aluminum composite sheet for cladding facades of buildings and structures. Produce composite aluminum sheets using a thin sheet of aluminum (brand AK7, AL34 or their foreign equivalents) with mineral or plastic layer. When supply aluminum sheets are marked with paint or stamped mark indicating the alloy, the thickness of the sheet, optional stamp control and batch number, as indicated, if used, plating sheet.

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