Currently, aluminum tape rather common type of aluminum rolled products. Tape shows a strip of aluminum and its alloys. The advantages of aluminum tape are:
thermal stability;
the presence of bactericidal properties;
corrosion resistance;
According to a method of producing aluminum tapes are clad and unclad. As the material:
A - aluminum tape with conventional plating;
B - tape with plating process;
H1 - a quarter of the cold-worked;
H2 - polunagartovannaya;
H3 - cold-worked three-quarters;
M - annealed;
P - high quality finishes.
In precision manufacturing tapes are symmetrical and asymmetrical abnormalities abnormalities, which in turn are divided into single-precision (D) and increased accuracy (P). Dimensions of the aluminum strips vary in the following ranges:
width - from 4.0 to 450 mm;
thickness - of 0.2 to 2.5 mm.
Physical form of tapes:
coils in diameter from 150 to 500 mm;
length in the bands of 1000 to 5000 mm.
Use aluminum tape in a variety of industries: construction and installation work, instrument-making industry, food industry.

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