The technology of welding aluminum surfaces differs from the welding of steel parts. This metal has a different composition and properties, therefore, a special wire for welding aluminum work with him. When using automatic or semi-automatic way aluminum welding wire acts as a consumable electrode. This means that it forms an arc, and simultaneously used as a material for the joint connection. If the connection is made by means of an argon welding, the welding is consumable electrode and wire is a filler material. In order to not occurred on the metal oxide film welding passes in pure argon or the gas mixture with helium. Welding aluminum wire should have properties similar to the composition of the welded surfaces. Products can be made of pure metal, with the addition of magnesium aluminum, silicon, copper, titanium, or other components. Based on this, select the appropriate brand consumables. There are several types of wire, aluminum welding wire is:

  • undiluted metal NEA 99, NEA 97 NEA 85T;
  • aluminum-magnesium alloys SvAMg 3 SvAMg 5 Sv1557;
  • Alloys aluminum-silicon SvAK5, SvAK10;
  • aluminum-copper alloy Sv1201.
    The ratios of components and other material parameters specified in the GOST 7871-75. Typically, aluminum welding wire is supplied in reels / rolls, weighing between 0.5 kg and above. The most popular diameters which has aluminum welding wire: 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm.

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