Significant place in the metallurgy of aluminum covers. It belongs to a series of light metals and is one of the most applicable metals. This lightweight metal is silver. It's pretty easy to various types of processing and processing. Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. There is such a thing as a "pig". A metal casting in the form of a bar or a trapezoid. Chushka is a semi-finished product and shall comply with the requirements of GOST. Aluminum is often used A5. For the production of this brand is often different aluminum scrap. It can be divided into two stages of the manufacturing process itself. In a first step aluminum is melted in furnaces, various impurities are introduced hereinafter, whereupon liquid metal is poured into forms and crystallize. Used aluminum ingots A5 quite widely. Most often it is used for further processing in rolled aluminum. A5 Aluminium ingots do not require any special storage conditions for it. The material safe for health and do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

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