Among the bronzes, aluminum bronzes are among the most popular and sought after in the industry. They are widely used to create parts of friction units, worm gear wheels, bearing supports, nuts, flanges, springs to manufacture. Another area of application of aluminum bronzes - is the production of coins and jewelry. Aluminum bronze has high strength properties. This is due to the fact that aluminum is included, the content of which can be up to 15.6% in the alloy. The optimal content of Al in the alloy is between 5% and 8%. Aluminium bronze on technological grounds are divided into wrought and cast alloys, produced in accordance with GOST 614 and GOST 493, respectively.
Basic properties.

The choice of the type sometimes aluminum bronze is made in view of its properties and requirements to the material. The main characteristics, which should pay attention to are: electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance, weldability, cavitation and erosion resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion fatigue, creep strength, toughness, and others.
Compared with aluminum bronze tin bronze, the following should be noted their advantages: the fluidity, a high strength, high heat resistance, and the anti-corrosion resistance.
Disadvantages aluminum bronze:
- When there is a significant shrinkage of crystallization;
- Ability to form columnar crystals of large sizes;
- Substantial oxidation that occurs in the molten state, which may lead to fracture of slate;
- By pouring molten foaming occurs;
- The difficulty of soldering and brazing.
To eliminate these drawbacks, apply alloying aluminum bronzes lead, nickel, iron, manganese and other metals.
Aluminium bronze is used as a deformable (BrA5 and BrA7) as a foundry (BrAZhS7-1,5-1,5; BrAZhN11-6-6; BrAMts10-2) and universal (BrAZhN10-4-4; BrAZhN10-4-4; BrAZh9 -4 BrAMTs9-2; BrAZhMTs9-3-1,5). If the latter group are used as bronze casting, by labeling them add the letter "L". The least durable and most plastic of aluminum bronzes is BrA5, followed BrA7 and BrAMTs9-2. They are typically made from tapes, rods sheets. Aluminum bronze BrAZh10-4-4 brand has the greatest tensile strength and relatively high strength and heat resistance.
All aluminum bronze ingots produced weighing up to 35 kg.

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