According to GOST 15176 aluminum bus AD31T used for electrical purposes. It is a kind of rolled aluminum and is used to create a voltage distribution system, and is also used for the manufacture of the joint profile, accessories. The demand for corrosion protection due to its relative cheapness and aluminum in combination with its high electrical conductivity. Finished Aluminum AD31T tire comes in the form of strips or spools, while it may have a different width and thickness. Its minimum thickness is 3mm, and the maximum - 15 mm. The width varies between 20-180mm. The greatest possible length of the tires AD31T aluminum is 60 meters to the bay and 9 m for the band. Other than the size, aluminum rail may differ strength. There is a standard and increased strength, the product of the second category have marked "PP". The very letter T indicates that the tire has passed an additional heat treatment, the process allows to remove all the stress that appeared in the material during manufacture. It is worth considering that the tire has a high aluminum AD31T compared with other marks tire durability, which is achieved by doping aluminum. But it should be noted that the doping also reduces the electrical conductivity of the tire and its ductility. However, because of the reliability and durability of products from aluminum AD31T he is often given preference when choosing tires alloy.

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