Aluminium channel (aluminum U-shaped profile) - finds its application in a variety of industries - from manufacturing interior items to highly technical aircraft. In the interior of the U-sections available, the aluminum channel is used for decoration and trim, as well as in complex structures as a link. It is widely applicable for the production of frames for signage and facade designs. Produce aluminum channel bar bent using bending. There are equal and unequal aluminum channel. On the strength of the aluminum channel is normal or increased strength; accuracy: normal, high, and high precision. According to GOST length of aluminum profile comes from one meter to seven. Also allowed to cover it with foil of other metals, anodizing, powder coating application or enameling. The distinctive features of constructions, which are made of aluminum channel, a high strength, rigidity and lightness. Profile Aluminium channel has plasticity, which allows you to make of it metal constructions of different shapes, and high corrosion resistance allows the use of aluminum profiles for external use.

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