Aluminum corrugated sheet - matt, glossy rarely rolled sheet having a raised pattern. By the number of corrugation corrugated aluminum sheet can be of three basic types: "lentils", "Duet" (2) "Quintet" (5). For decorative types belong: "Orange peel" and "rice grain" There is also a "Diamond" - a sheet of corrugated aluminum, which resembles a diamond pattern. Cathay aluminum corrugated sheets, often use aluminum-magnesium alloy of the following brands: AMg2 (AMg2M, AMg2R, AMg2NR, AMg2N2, AMg2N2R) and AMg3 (AMg3N, AMg3M, AMg3NR, AMg3N2, AMg3N2R). Also enjoy Alloys aluminum-copper-magnesium: D1 (D1NR, D1AMR) and VD1 (VD1AN, VD1AM, VD1NR) and aluminum-manganese (AMts). Aluminum sheet is corrugated at least 99.5% must consist of aluminum. Most typically aluminum trays of a cutting or 1500h3000 1200h3000 mm and a thickness of 1.5 to 4.0 mm. Aluminum checkered sheet is characterized by corrosion resistance, light weight, lack of slip spark safety and long operational life. As an intermediate product of aluminum corrugated sheet is irreplaceable as a floor to prevent slipping (stairs, bridges) and in structures subject to corrosion. As the design of the material used decorated Aluminum corrugated sheet in the construction of facades, steps, stairs, ceilings, trim, furniture, elevators. In advertising, store design corrugated aluminum sheet is used to create shelving, partitions, display cases and stands. Aluminum corrugated sheet AMg2NR often used for anti-skid flooring. In engineering, they trim the walls of wagons. In the food and chemical industry corrugated aluminum sheets AMg2NR because of their high corrosion resistant is used to create structures resistant to rusting. Aluminum corrugated sheet AMg3N2 actively used in rail transport for low- and moderate structures in the skin wagons. Corrugated aluminum produced using cold and hot rollers. The first method is used to get a thin and durable corrugated aluminum sheet. Produce aluminum checkered sheet in stages, starting from the casting of ingots, preparation, hot / cold rollers, and finishing the heat treatment, and trim. Given the supply of forms, corrugated aluminum is divided into:
annealed aluminum sheet (M);
cold-worked aluminum sheet (N);
half skin hard aluminum sheet (H2);
quenched and aged naturally aluminum sheet (T); quenched and aged artificially aluminum sheet (T1); Refined aluminum sheet (P) made of aluminum.

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