Aluminum decking - rather demanded building material. In fact, it is an aluminum corrugated sheet whose trapezoidal shape (more often) or wave (sinusoidal). Itself corrugated aluminum sheet can have many other shapes and profiles. Also, there are sheets of steel with aluminum surface. Highly appreciated that the trapezoidal sheet aluminum is lightweight, aesthetic, plastic, fire resistant, chemically resistant, durable. Installation is simple and convenient corrugated material available and not expensive. Applied profiled aluminum sheet in the housing and construction industry, serves as a roofing material (aluminum slate), they sheathe loggias and balconies, it is demanded for lining buildings inside and out. To increase the attractiveness of decorative slate aluminum cover color coated. As a result, such a roof is easily masked by other materials. Profiled aluminum sheet is made of aluminum (GOST 21631-76). Produced on a number of specifications. Profile is divided into a wall (P) bearing (H), at least at the carrier-wall (NA). Also present in the marking numerical index indicating the height of the profile (not of the sheet). Further, the labeling is usually specified width. Characterized profiled headroom and useful width, profile height, thickness, length. Length of 1-12 meters in width - 1000-1200 mm, useful width - 900-1100 mm. It comes corrugated aluminum sheet in the feet or packs. The sheets are stacked so that the volume occupied by them was minimal, but still maintain the integrity and appearance.

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