Alloy drill pipe used in sets with the drill string and are used in deep, horizontal work. Drill pipes are made of aluminum alloy by direct hydraulic pressing. LBT are made of aluminum alloy D16, the chemical composition must comply with GOST 4784-74, supplied in quenched and naturally aged condition. drilling pipes are made of two types: TB - internal terminal thickening and TBP - a protective thickening in the center of the pipe. Drill pipe diameter size 73 and 90 mm are produced without thickening of the tread, are supplied without locks. Drill pipe of diameter 129 and 147 which differ thickening mm at the pipe end of the coupling operation area in the vicinity of rotor wedges. The main advantages of aluminum drill pipes are:
Lightweight products LBT weight several times smaller steel pipes.
High tensile strength that exceeds the strength of the steel pipes.
Excellent vibration damping properties of the drill pipe, this feature allows you to reduce resonance in the system. In addition to conventional aluminum drill pipes used drilling aluminum tubes of high reliability (LAIDP). Among different drill pipe connection types, outer, inner and nipple. Because of the type of drill pipe connections have different cuts, LBT, ABT, LBTN and others. Aluminum drill pipe different cross-section and a wall thickness (4.75 to 11 mm). Pipe joints are special locks and semi-lockers equipped with coarse thread.

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