Aluminum bus - is rectangular strip. At the heart of them can be pure aluminum or some of its alloys (AD31, AD31T, AD00, A5, A7). Mark AD31T most needed. Buses are required for the manufacture of assemblies, busbars, switchgear, conductors. Track Aluminum - the most popular product from this list. They are made of aluminum bus bars in dimensional, random length coils, beams, frames. Depending on the intended use, the material can be hot-pressed, artificial or natural aging without thermal, full or partial hardening. The price of the commodity product delivery form shapes, sizes, options alloys from which aluminum is produced tire. The most popular flat tires and aluminum 50h5 60h10, tire aluminum box section and 100h45h6 75h35h4. Aluminum electrical bus complies with GOST 15176-89. Bus width is 1-52 cm, the thickness of the tire - 3-110 mm, length of the tire -. 3-10 m cross-section is chosen according to the results of calculation of electrical load. The chemical composition of the material AD31T (. Cm GOST 4784-97) as follows: Mg (less than 0.9%), silicon (less than 0.6%), iron (less than 0.35%), and other impurities (less than 0.1%) aluminum (the rest). The aluminum content in the other of said stamp greater than 99.5%. Also standardized mechanical, electrical, and other characteristics of the tire, size deviation, labeling rules, acceptance, packaging, storage. When transporting requires a temporary corrosion protection.

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