The aluminum I-beams - is elevated stiffness profile, the shape of which resembles cut the letter "H". General quality characteristics, which corresponds to the product, stated in the Standard Classification of 8617. I-beams includes the following elements. They differ in location of faces that can be slanted or parallel. Depending on the final details of the application are normal, columns, wide-designed for suspended ways of construction, as well as the reinforcement shafts. Along the length of the aluminum I-beam is divided into dimensional, multiple-dimensional and unmeasured. Finally, given the accuracy of production determines the quality of the finished product: normal, enhanced, or high accuracy. The profiles differ in the state of the material, the type of strength coating. Marking of aluminum profiles is made according to GOST 22233-2001, it specified aluminum alloy brand and condition of the material, type, thickness and color of protective and decorative coatings, as well as the designation of the standard. Aluminium profile makes strong and rigid, stable and durable. The main difference from aluminum I-beams made of other materials is their ease. Profile of this type are widely used in construction industry: used as a floor element, lightweight bearing metal, pendant, support, bridge structures. Thanks to the unique properties of aluminum I-beams - demanded product in many sectors of the automotive industry.

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