The aluminum mesh, manufactured by the domestic industry, produced braided expanded metal process, significantly less welding and others. The most widespread expanded metal aluminum mesh. It is made of thin sheet-metal by simultaneously stretching and embossments. The cells are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, can be large (over 25 mm), medium, small (less than 15 mm). Wicker and welded connections are not available, so the strength, this mesh can compete with perforated sheets of similar thickness. Also, this type of nets is economical, durable, durable, safe, easy, versatile, environmentally friendly. Aluminum mesh is combined with other materials of construction, easy processing, different chemical inertness. Some less popular aluminum mesh netting (netting) and fabric manufactured according to TU. They are made of aluminum wire, characterized by the side of the cell and a wire diameter corresponding to 14838. Standard GOST mesh material 4784 and is commonly alloys of aluminum-silicon-magnesium and duralumin. Suitable for the manufacture of aluminum mesh sieves, fencing, decking, different packaging. It improves the sound and heat insulation. Claimed in the decoration, protection from mosquitoes PVC windows, car radiators and air openings makes more mesh a thickness of 0.5 to 6 mm and a length of 1 m, a width of 50 cm. It may not be colored or painted, and supplied in rolls packs. The most popular forms of cells are rhombic, square, hexagon.

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