A huge range of used aluminum alloy makes the material demand in all sectors. One of the areas of most aluminum usage is construction, because the corrosion resistance of the metal, and ease of use required for such work. One of the most popular aluminum material is an aluminum mounting profile, which is considered to be universal. Aluminum mounting profile is anodized coated with polymer paints made "under the tree", that depends on the application. Aluminum sheet - the raw material for the mounting profile. The profile itself receives a special form after rolling. Aluminum mounting profile has a U-shaped stiffening ribs, which adds additional strength to the structure. The standard thickness - 1.5mm, 2.5mm. Factory aluminum mounting profile is available 2-6 meters. Aluminum profile is activated during installation of composite panels. With it installed and wall panels, if appropriate shape and thickness of the material. Profile used for the installation of suspended ceilings of all sizes and shapes. These mounting materials are widely used in the assembly of ventilation systems. Lightweight, corrosion resistance, chemical purity metal aluminum uprights made truly universal. Aluminium retains its properties and quality after recycling, environmental profile making material.

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