AD31 aluminum pipe is profiled product made of a deformable aluminum alloy AD31 mark which belongs to a system alloys Al-Mg-Si, is resistant to corrosion, high ductility, electric conductivity. The basis of this alloy is aluminum, the mass fraction of which may be up to 99.3%, in the alloy also contains other elements such as Fe, Mn, Cu, Si, Zn and allowable impurities. The alloy lends itself well to various types of welding and preserves the anticorrosive characteristics on the spot weld. Pipes made of alloy AD31 light, are not affected by chemical agents and resistant to mechanical influences. They find wide application in the chemical, food and oil industries, the aviation industry and mechanical engineering. The ductility of aluminum tubes allows them to be used effectively in the construction of structures for the manufacture of windows, doors and facades of buildings, in the manufacture of furniture. Aluminium pipes can create structures with thin walls and a variety of forms, which possess sufficient strength and can be operated continuously. This grade has a high corrosion resistance, as well as aluminum tubeAD1N, but surpasses it in strength and elasticity. Dimensions, which has an aluminum pipe AD31 may be different. Possible length of the product is from 2 to 6 m and a diameter of from 6 to 100 mm. Depending on the type of thermal exposure may be mild (M) work-hardened (H) or hardened (T, T1, T5) of the tube. Processing temperature increases the strength of the product, but reduces the ductility.

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