Aluminum pipe of large diameter has a relatively low weight, high operational durability and maximum resistance to various chemical agents. Pipes of large diameter aluminum is used for transporting all kinds of liquids, they can be used for heating buildings are mounted technical conduits. It is used in construction of buildings and structures, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, in road construction. This use is because the aluminum tube has high corrosion resistance, so it is not going to the inner walls of plaque fluid flows evenly. Do not use aluminum pipes for drinking water supply. Produce square, round and rectangular tubes. They are subjected to, the manufacture of, a special heat-treated, quenched, ageing. So pipe receives the necessary qualities to it. Pipe diameter reached 800 mm, wall thickness 0.7 - 100 mm and a length from 2 to 6 meters. In the production of aluminum tubes is not used pure aluminum and alloys used in blood pressure, A7, AMC and others. Advantageously use the data pipes, they have a relatively low weight. The widespread use of aluminum pipes of large diameter due to the relatively long life.

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