Sectional tubes - products with an internal cavity having a different cross section. Used for a variety of tasks. These tubes are made from a variety of materials, depending on the tasks. The most common steel and aluminum. In an equal price range Aluminium profile tube has the main advantage - resistance to corrosion and high ductility. Aluminum lends itself to machining and easy to work with. Pipe aluminum profile has the following dimensions: the wall thickness of 0.5-40 mm, an outer diameter of 6-300 mm and a length of 1 to 12.5 meters. There are different methods for producing such products. The aluminum pipe can be cold-worked, molded and welded longitudinally welded alloy. All production methods are confirmed by a variety of guests, which provides a guarantee of quality. Pipe aluminum profile section has a lot of options. There are square, round, rectangular, shaped section. It is worth noting that the same aluminum tube profile has a wall thickness grading. Tubes with wall thicknesses less than 5 mm are thin-walled, and all have a thickness greater than 5 mm - thick-walled. Used to produce a variety of materials, because he Aluminum profile tube which is so valued in the construction, must perform a variety of tasks. All the materials from which produced aluminum tube, can be divided into groups, depending on the guests who they meet. The first group - Group A alloys (5-7), the chemical composition of which is specified in ISO 11069. The second most commonly used include alloys such as AD31, AD1, AD00, AMG V95 and many others listed in GOST 4784-74. The aluminum pipe manufactured from VAD1 alloy belongs to the third group, the production of which is controlled in accordance with GOST 1131-76. Another criterion for classification is the state of the material. Aluminium tube can be annealed (M), work-hardened, hardened (Aged artificially or naturally - T and T1), work-hardened and tempered (Aged artificially or naturally). The last type of qualification is considered to be the length of the pipe. Aluminium profiled tube can be cut length, random length, the length of a multiple dimensional and in coils (for certain materials, such as AD00, AD0, AD1, A5-7, AMts, AMtsS).

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