Aluminum plate D16 - common type of aluminum rolled products. It is obtained from the demanded alloy D16. D16 - duralumin with the chemical. the composition in accordance with GOST 4784. Products made of aluminum can be ennobled after manufacture, to give them an even greater heat resistance and strength. The alloy welded solely by spot welding. D16 alloy has low corrosion resistance. Blanks of this sheet alloy cladding AD1pl. D16 plates made in accordance with GOST 17232. Prior to the other aluminum plate material has a number of quite serious advantages, it is:
It has a low specific weight;
Cooker easy in machining;
It has a high anti-corrosion and electrical conductivity;
has high flame resistance, moldability and strength;
t tolerate strong fluctuations and high humidity, it allows the use of aluminum structure under very adverse weather conditions, for example, in the Far North and the Arctic;
selling price of aluminum is significantly lower in copper products;
containing aluminum plate replaces the structure of copper is almost wherever possible. Plates D16 aluminum widely used in accordance with the regulatory requirements and standards:
in the food industry;
in the automotive and aircraft industry;
in construction;
in nuclear power;
in heavy transport engineering.

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