Made of aluminum powder ASD-4 4 of primary aluminum GOST 11069 melt spray, which allows for very high dispersion. Powder consists of plate-like particles, their average thickness is about 150 nm. As a result, this brand is superior to similar powder brands PAP, UDD, PAA, PAG, made, for example, according to GOST 5494-95. Aluminum ASD-4 powder has a characteristic gray color and a marked metallic luster. Applicable as most analogs, chemistry, metallurgy, pyrotechnics during welding. Powder may be added in high-light and thermo-coating composites. In chemistry, this aluminum powder is successfully used for rehabilitation purposes. It reacts rapidly under acidic, neutral, alkaline environments. This releases hydrogen, which takes the basic rehabilitation functions. On composition aluminum powder SDA-4 based on aluminum (99%), it also contains impurities: copper, silicon, iron, etc. Less allowed titanium and magnesium content. Granulation usually characterized by a broad range of fractions, making the powder more versatile. SDA-alumina powder 4 has a bulk density of about 1 kg / l, less than 0.2% moisture. The specific surface area of 1 g of the powder is about 0.1 m2. It packed in airtight metal drums or similar containers.

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