Aluminum powders are an essential element for the chemical activities, metallurgy, construction. Each type of powder is intended for use by certain industries. Among all aluminum powders one of the most consumed is considered aluminum powder PAP-1. The substance is a low toxicity; it is made by grinding primary aluminum in a special mill. The main difference, which has aluminum powder PAP-1 over conventional powder - is the size of the aluminum pigment. The powdered pigments is considerably less material involved in solving more problems. Aluminum powder PAP-1 is found in a wide variation of paints and adhesives, which is peculiar luster. Aluminum powder pigment plays a significant role in the production of aerated concrete. Such powders are often involved in the manufacture of gunpowder and pyrotechnics. In fact, the design has long used such aluminum powder which gives a special gloss surfaces. Various increasingly covered surface such powders or mixtures thereof. Through this use of aluminum powder is also called Serebryanka. Anti-corrosion properties of aluminum affect the application of silverfish in impurities to a special coating of steel. After adding aluminum powder in plastic goods improves the strength and increases the wear resistance of the material, reinforces the mechanical properties. Other methods of application: production of special water-resistant putty, production of other metals, for special fluids application.

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