You want your interior was flawless and as a finishing material chosen drywall? Then you need aluminum profiles for drywall required for its fastening to the walls or ceiling. Before purchasing the necessary materials and fasteners, see our information on the basic types of profiles that are needed to create a rigid skeleton. For the installation slabs you will need the following types of profiles:

  • The guide profiles for mounting PN frame (UW). Standard depth of equal to 40 mm and the width can range from 50 mm to 100 mm on a 25 mm. Width is selected based on the thickness of the wall mounted.
  • Ceiling aluminum profile for plasterboard PNP (UD) is required for ceiling mounting bases. He also sometimes used when installing walls.
  • To form the ceiling frame you need the ceiling profile PP (CD). Installation of this type of metal sheets is carried out by means of direct or suspensions anchor clips.
  • Rack metal profile PS (CW) is required for mounting the basics when creating partitions or walls.
  • Corner profile is necessary to prevent damage that can be caused to the ends of the boards during their exploitation. Apart from aforementioned types of profiles, we offer and the flashing profile, which quite often are used to align the wall plastering. They are necessary to create a sort of "rails" on which there is a rule.

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