To our furniture is good and for a long time we served, you need to take care of the presence of high-quality accessories for her. Now, for example, are in great demand wardrobes, they save space, easy and practical to use. But, to sliding cabinet doors served for a long time, you need to take care of the fastening mechanism. Normally, basic profiles material is steel or aluminum. Now, however, a growing demand is aluminum profiles. They are much more expensive than steel. This is from the fact that aluminum as metal, has a higher cost than steel. Aluminium profiles light, have a long service life, provide noiseless sliding doors, which is important. Material wear and corrosion. Also aluminum profiles are good in terms of design: in front of you opens a large selection of colors, due to its shape, profiles conceal from the eyes of the entire structure. The shape distinguishes open and closed profiles. When purchasing profiles, pay attention to the marking - a guaranteed quality While manufacturing using extrusion - a method of extrusion material through the shape of the holes. After a profile is applied to a thin metal layer (cladding), the final step - painting or anodizing - the profiles are covered with a thin layer of the protective film of high strength. There are four types of coatings:
tree. When you purchase it is advisable to choose the aluminum profile for wardrobes from the point of view of economy, durability and design.

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