Application of aluminum is increasing at a significant pace. Building is considered a leader among the industries that consume aluminum. Construction aluminum profiles are used in large quantities for the construction of many objects in the ordinary assembly of structures and design decor. Aluminum profile civil construction considerably simplifies the construction or facing challenges. Such an application he has earned its environmental friendliness and durability, relatively low cost, resistance to corrosion. Aluminum civil construction has a great variation of forms. Among common: round, rectangular, square, channels (U-shaped), brand (T-shaped), the corners of various proportions rods. Round civil construction aluminum profile is used as a support, rectangular pipe is often used in the creation of the framework, it is an integral corner material in the furniture business, for the promotion and protection of the angles in the construction, installation of structures of varying complexity. Now civil construction aluminum profile is made in two ways - by pressing or using a cold bending. Pressed profile is manufactured using a hydraulic press. Aluminium acquires the desired shape under pressure. Cold-formed aluminum profile civil construction is made from sheets of aluminum special bending machines. The advantages of aluminum profiles over other are: lightness, corrosion resistance, easy installation, versatility.

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