By type of manufacturing pipe round aluminum can of cold, pressed or welded with direct suture. Condition material is aluminum or an alloy marked for hot-tubes, or by the following letters:
"M" -for annealed;
"H" -for cold-worked;
"T" -for naturally aged and hardened;
"T1" -for artificially aged and hardened;
"T5" -for artificially aged and not completely hardened;
"T1N" -for artificially aged, cold-worked after quenching. In accordance with the standards of labeling, aluminum round tube to be marked with an indication of data on the alloy brand with the state of the material, cross section shape, the outer diameter and wall thickness, as well as room, among other, for example: Pipe AD1.T1N.KR.50h5 GOST 18475. Pipe aluminum round is made in segments, the length of which - from 1 to 6 meters, and the interval length - 500mm. For tubes having a diameter of 140 to 150 mm in length is limited - 4 meters, no more. Maximum deviation allowed for the length of the pipe - no more than 15 mm. In GOST 4784-97 determined that the aluminum round tube made only of wrought alloys or rolled on their base, which is determined by the chemical composition of GOST 1131-76 and GOST 4784-97. Due to the low specific weight, easy deformation possible without heating and high corrosion stability of aluminum round tube is the most widely used in the petrochemical industry, as well as in some sectors of the construction.

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