Aluminum seamless pipe GOST 18475-82, and material parameters - GOST 4784-97. Pipes are divided over the cross section (shaped, square, round, rectangular) of the material (work-hardened, hardened, annealed, aged). Available protected with paint or anodizing. The materials are alloys AMg and duralumin. The first doped with magnesium (less than 6.8%) and manganese (less than 0.8%), and duralumin - copper (less than 4.9%) and also manganese (less than 0.9%) with magnesium (less than 1.8%). The basis of aluminum impurities does not exceed 2%. For a variety of specifications is permissible to use other alloys. Tube length is 1 - 6 m, a wall thickness of less than 5 mm, a diameter of less than 150 mm. Pipes knit into bundles, labeled, provided with the technical documentation, packed in shipping containers. Visually aluminum seamless pipe may sound like a pipe with seams, but is a completely different product. Aluminum seamless pipe is manufactured by two principal methods: a hollow extrusion ingot at an elevated temperature; similar extrusion when pre-insertion material blank with a special needle. Hence, the complete absence of a seam. It characterized this pipe resistance to pressure, heat, corrosion, deformations. Pipe aesthetic and durable. Used aluminum seamless pipe is most frequently in the chemical industry and construction. The demand is related to the ability of the pipe to withstand high pressure and to work in hostile environments. The product, moreover, quite durable.

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