Aluminum sheet AD1 complies with GOST 21631-76 (product specifications) and GOST 4784-97 (material parameters. Chemically AD1 aluminum sheet is made of aluminum (over 99.3%), iron and silicon (less than 0.3% each), zinc titanium impurities somewhat increase the strength characteristics, significantly reducing the performance of electrical conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, weldability, formability, alloy weight remain at the same level Aluminum sheet AD1N -... cold-worked, that is more durable, hard, solid state. Performed sheets AD1 can also annealed (code "M" instead of "H"), that is more plastic, cold-worked or partially without heat treatment at all.
This sheet metal is easily bending, cutting, grinding, forming. It characterized by high heat reflecting ability, well-polished. Applicable in the manufacture of sealants, cladding panels. Aluminum sheet AD1 demand for the creation of non-loaded welded structures, thermal shields, tanks, ventilation shafts, in the decoration. Standard sizes of sheets are as follows: Width of 0.6 - 1.0 m, thickness 0,3-10,5 mm, length 2 m for not cold-worked sheets AD1 limit the length is 7 m, width - 2 m aluminum sheet is corrugated. corrugated, food, general-purpose, perforated. Labelled stamping or paint brands of material, its condition, thickness, number games, technical inspection stamp. Packaging - packs and foot.

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