Aluminium sheets allow to produce durable design, not subject to deformation and corrosion, and have good flexibility and ductility. These characteristics allow to carry out welding and heat treatment of aluminum alloy sheets without further passes AMg2M preparing aluminiumsheet annealing in the manufacture of, and included in the magnesium alloy product increases resistance under direct influence of external factors, what makes the use of such structures and articles indispensable in many regions with changeable climate, with large temperature swings, humidity or heat sunlight. Due to the physical properties AMg2 aluminum sheet used in various industrial fields, in the manufacture of products in the food industry, in shipbuilding and aircraft construction, the manufacture of window frames, as well as for products with high thermal conductivity facilitating and maintaining weight structures necessary strength. Aluminum AMg2 sheets easy to handle, which saves time during the production of complex products and guarantees excellent results. Furthermore, the sheet can be used to create a light and strong frames, and for an additional surface treatment, it is used as a finishing material and the high strength flooring. Aluminum sheet AMg2 often comes in the form of cut sheets, the thickness of which is represented in the range of 0.5-10 mm, given the specificity of production and the requirements of the technical documentation.

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