Aluminum sheet AMg3 - widely demanded product in the manufacture of welded cans, medium durable structures, hydraulic equipment, industrial piping, frames and casings of railcars. Leaf is popular in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, in radio and electrical engineering, home and construction, food processing, aerospace, chemical industry. It is characterized by an aluminum sheet AMg3 chemical and temperature resistance, weldability, electrical and thermal conductivity. It is plastic, stamping, easy. Produce aluminum sheet AMg3 GOST 21631-76 by rolling (with and without compression). "M" index means that the annealed sheet is issued. If "M" is put in brackets, the sheet is a non-heat treated, while still meeting the requirements for products annealed standards. Products are available in different performance accuracy and quality finishes. By destination lists are food, perforated, general purpose, grooved. The types of corrugation are basically a quintet and a duo. Aluminum sheet AMg3 has a wide range of sizes, is made without plating. Dimensions: width 1.2 m, length 2.7 m, thickness 0,5-10,5 mm. Chemical composition of normalized GOST 4784-97. Aluminum sheet AMg3 includes magnesium (3.2 - 3.8%), aluminum (base), the impurity. The latter include chromium, titanium, zinc, silicon, iron, copper and manganese. The proportion of magnesium in the sheet is such that the deformability is still high, but the strength and significant. Marked sheet stamping or paint. It specifies the brand and condition of the material, thickness, batch number. Put a stamp of technical control. The form of delivery is foot / pack; it is possible sale of the piece.

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