Aluminum sheet AMg5 has high weldability, corrosion inertness, ease, workability, ecological, thermal and electrical conductivity, fire resistance. As a result, the sheet is a product widely applicable in electronics, electrical engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, instrument making, shipbuilding, aviation, chemicals, food industry. The data sheets produce transport body, roofs, stairs, floors, and other products, used sheets at home. The aluminum sheet AMg5 GOST 4784-97, besides magnesium (4,8-5,8%) and aluminum (base), includes titanium, chromium, zinc, iron, manganese, silicon, copper, other impurities. The deformability of the sheet is inversely proportional to the percentage of magnesium alloy. Produced by AMg5 aluminum sheet products (hot or cold), with and without plating, different accuracy of performance, quality finishes. As the material in the annealed products are divided and termo untreated. Less common are work-hardened, hardened, aged, and so on. The aluminum sheet is perforated, food, corrugated, general purpose, corrugated (quintet, lentils, the duo). Dimensions of the product is usually: width 1.2 m, thickness 0.5-10 mm, length 2-7 m Label sheets paint or stamp. It is necessary to specify the status and grade of material, plating, batch number, thickness. It also requires a stamp of technical control. Supplied sheets in packs or feet, carefully packaged, protected from corrosive influences.

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