Aluminum sheet AMg6BM widely applicable for covering vessels, seaplanes, railway cars. Demand in the automotive industry, the manufacture of welded structures, construction, communications and buildings. Highly regarded that the aluminum sheet AMg6BM resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage, temperature changes. It is flexible, heat and electrically conductive, has a low density, easily welded, aluminum sheet stamping. Producible AMg6BM GOST 21631-76. Usually it is 2.1 m wide and 7.2 m long, has a thickness of 0,5-10,5 mm. The size range is wide. Index "M" indicates that the list is available annealed, and the index "B" indicates a plating process. Leaves are food, corrugated, general purpose, grooved. They are produced by rolling. The composition of the sheets is prescribed to GOST 4784-97. Aluminum sheet AMg6BM contains magnesium (5.8 - 6.8%), impurities, aluminum (the rest). Impurities are titanium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and silicon. A high percentage of magnesium leads to reduced deformability, but of all the aluminum-magnesium sheets of this stamp most durable. The downside is slightly reduced corrosion resistance. Marking produce paint or stigma. Record the batch number, product thickness, condition and material grade. Required test mark. Packaging - packs and foot.

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