Aluminum square - solid oblong square profile. Occasionally here also include square tubes that mistake. Profile is applicable to the construction, decoration, design works, manufacture of furniture. But most popular square of aluminum as a blank for the subsequent production of specific products, details. Made mostly of aluminum square AD31, D16, AMg2, AMts, AMg6 AD1, D1, A0, and others. The alloys comply with GOST 11069-2001, GOST 4784-97, and others. The material is aluminum with additions of manganese, magnesium, copper, and others. Aluminum square comes unmeasured and measured length. It corresponds to GOST 21488-97. According to the standard for square rods fit standardized diameter circle, often it is 8 - 200 mm. This diameter commensurate with the side of the square. Maximum Length - 6 m. Ecological material differs, durability, corrosion resistance, lightness, workability, good conductivity, plasticity. Aluminum square nonmagnetic, available, cheap. This explains the demand for products in electronics, aviation, mechanical engineering and instrument making. The square can be hardened, old and annealed; released with normal and elevated precision workmanship and durability. The surface of the square rods may include non-essential defects. Available in square rods parties. It takes the necessary protection and labeling.

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