The most common in the world of the metal is extracted from bauxite. It is quite complex and energy-intensive process, so the bauxite processing plant under construction, where there is access to free sources of energy. First, the ore is enriched, and then isolated therefrom alumina and, at the final stage, using electrolysis, produce aluminum. This metal is widely used because of its adaptability, resilience, electrical conductivity, low specific weight and affordable price. Aluminium made a lot of useful things, including manufactured aluminum strip. It is a continuous aluminum profile with a rectangular cross section. Aluminum band finds its place in the electrical industry. Most buildings, parts such as couplings, connectors, etc., are made of aluminum strip. Successfully used in the construction: manufactured curtain walls, suspended ceilings, used for external cladding and internal decoration; of it made the base of advertising structures. He found a niche list, and in shipbuilding - sheathe their boards. Indispensable strip of aluminum in a light and refrigeration industry: it is made of radiators and cooling elements refrigerators. From food tapes are manufactured, various kinds of packing, of thicker - accessories for the kitchen. The strip of aluminum in a rectangular cut often has a width from 50 mm to 1250 mm and a thickness of 0.3 mm to 2 mm. As a rule, it is brought in rolls, the length of which depends on the thickness and grade of aluminum. Making limited bandwidth requirements of GOST 13726. For her, taken stock of aluminum grade, A5, A7 BP ADOO, ADO, blood pressure; and aluminum alloys V95-1 brands. The chemical composition must comply with the parameters of GOST 11069.

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