Tape Aluminum 1105AM applicable restoration, repair, installation, construction works for sealing, insulation and others. Use of the product is often justified for the treatment of areas where use aluminum foil difficult. Demanded tape aluminum in petrochemical, construction, household, food industry, can be used to create a radiator, a variety of profiles, components, devices for thermal insulation tape aluminum pipe-lines.Technically aluminium 1105AM is a thin strip having a high physical integrity, insulating ability, ductility, corrosion immunity, durability, flatness, environmentally friendly, non-magnetic, fire resistance, antibacterial, thermal stability. Regulating the production of this tape are standard GOST 1018, GOST 13726, GOST 4784. The tape is characterized by thick aluminum (0.25 - 10.5 mm) and width (4 - 200 cm). tape material is duralumin. Alloy 1105 is chemically similar mark D1 is deformable under smelted aluminum with copper and magnesium additions. The alloying ingredients beneficial effect on the stiffness, durability, strength, but reduces ductility, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity. to transportation, storage requirements, packaging tape regulated by GOST 9510. The tape is available annealed aluminum 1105AM, with plating, available in rolls, with an additional protective coating (paper, film, etc.).

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