Aluminum Tubes are multi-functional packaging cylindrical shape, one part of which is covered with the cap is twisted onto the threads, and the other - or repeated bending of sealing. This packaging protects the inner contents of the action of oxygen, ultraviolet radiation, moisture. Aluminum Tubes made from pure aluminum, which provides a sterile package, resistance to corrosive impacts, environmentally friendly and non-polluting toxic substances. The material is neutral in relation to the contents of the tube and allow him a long storage period. As containers for products of aluminum tubes are used for pharmaceuticals, adhesives, paints, cosmetics, foods and various household chemicals. Special blanks in the shape of disc with a pressing machine molded into tubes with thread and cut to the required length. The resulting package lends itself to mitigate and on the inside of the applied lacquer coating separating from touching the metal surface and the contents. For better sealing seal carry the widest part of the tube a special elastic ring. Tubes aluminum vary in length, since the thread on the neck, diameter, wall thickness, volume. Equipped with a cap of polypropylene or polyethylene, which provides sealing content after removal of the protective membrane. Aluminium packaging can easily be disposed of, or be subjected to processing.

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